Have a crazy schedule?  Do you want to take lessons but can't trailer in? 

Lisa is excited to offer lessons to those who are not able to see her in person! How does it work?

It's easy. Just send her a video and she will send it back to you with a voiceover commentary and critique.  Let her know if there is something specific you'd like her address - like a skill you need to improve, or an issue you're having with your horse in a certain situation, etc. If nothing specific is mentioned, then she will give you a lesson on whatever she feels you need from watching your video.

In addition to giving information on your riding and your horse, Lisa will suggest ways to help you and give you homework to do before the next "lesson."

Students who take 5 virtual lessons will be eligible to schedule a virtual "live" lesson through FaceTime, Skype or a similar app.  

Please fill out the virtual lesson form and include as much info as you can about yourself, your horse, your goals, etc.

Contact Lisa at if you have more questions.